Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Simple Ways of Dealing with The Issues you are Facing.

Have a goal;- Having a goal makes it easy for you to make decisions on where you want

to be, who you want to be with and most of all what you need to do to achieve or attain

that goal.

Communication;- Please, please and I will stress this Please communicate with the

person  you can easily or freely talk to, I will still stress family no matter the situation or

issue there may be, because family members will always be there to help or find a way to

help you out. I will tell you that it saves a lot when communicated and also if

communicated to the right people or person never try to go about issues alone, this can be

very dangerous or disappointing, since I think a Problem Shared is a Problem Halved.

Do not cause regret please!

Ask for Help;- Do not be too Proud to Beg… I used beg for fun but seriously please ask

no matter what it is if its studying for a test, money to buy something, a ride anything just

ask and really there will be someone out there to help you out. This can save you from

issues or situations that you can not control and later REGRET!

Get a JOB;-  This job will be a good way of proving to others and to yourself that you

have grown and able to make money and be responsible in a way too, because you will be

able to set your time and schedule for work and know that you are supposed to be there

when supposed to. The fun thing about getting the job is you are making money and you

can pay for gas if you don’t have a car and hey do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend

mmmmmm am thinking something for them too!

Take Part in Activities around the Community;- You are blessed with this, the

communities offer everyone with activities that cater to all ages and some are Free and

others may need a small fee but hey you got family I bet they will be excited that you are

being active and not lazy and maybe you are working??? So you can afford the small


These activities could be fun since you will be meeting new people, no more boring life

statements that you might have said or mentioned in one way or the other and also kill the

idle mind that is the devils workshop!

Respect;- I will mention this as away to overcome the issue because I can not stop stressing

it even to my own children that with Respect you will withstand a lot of things.

If you respect others you will also receive respect and it is this respect that will get you

far because you do not know who you respect and as you grow up you might happen

to meet again. This person could end up being your Boss, your partner or the person who

saves your life. So please do respect others because you do not want to be in a situation

where someone does not care or respect you and is not ready to save you. Not very


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