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Living for Our Daughters | Working Mother

Living for Our Daughters | Working Mother

Teen Summer Reading Spotlight on Reality (a.k.a., Nonfiction Books)

Teen Summer Reading Spotlight on Reality (a.k.a., Nonfiction Books)

Simple Ways of Dealing with The Issues you are Facing.

Have a goal;- Having a goal makes it easy for you to make decisions on where you want

to be, who you want to be with and most of all what you need to do to achieve or attain

that goal.

Communication;- Please, please and I will stress this Please communicate with the

person  you can easily or freely talk to, I will still stress family no matter the situation or

issue there may be, because family members will always be there to help or find a way to

help you out. I will tell you that it saves a lot when communicated and also if

communicated to the right people or person never try to go about issues alone, this can be

very dangerous or disappointing, since I think a Problem Shared is a Problem Halved.

Do not cause regret please!

Ask for Help;- Do not be too Proud to Beg… I used beg for fun but seriously please ask

no matter what it is if its studying for a test, money to buy something, a ride anything just

ask and really there will be someone out there to help you out. This can save you from

issues or situations that you can not control and later REGRET!

Get a JOB;-  This job will be a good way of proving to others and to yourself that you

have grown and able to make money and be responsible in a way too, because you will be

able to set your time and schedule for work and know that you are supposed to be there

when supposed to. The fun thing about getting the job is you are making money and you

can pay for gas if you don’t have a car and hey do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend

mmmmmm am thinking something for them too!

Take Part in Activities around the Community;- You are blessed with this, the

communities offer everyone with activities that cater to all ages and some are Free and

others may need a small fee but hey you got family I bet they will be excited that you are

being active and not lazy and maybe you are working??? So you can afford the small


These activities could be fun since you will be meeting new people, no more boring life

statements that you might have said or mentioned in one way or the other and also kill the

idle mind that is the devils workshop!

Respect;- I will mention this as away to overcome the issue because I can not stop stressing

it even to my own children that with Respect you will withstand a lot of things.

If you respect others you will also receive respect and it is this respect that will get you

far because you do not know who you respect and as you grow up you might happen

to meet again. This person could end up being your Boss, your partner or the person who

saves your life. So please do respect others because you do not want to be in a situation

where someone does not care or respect you and is not ready to save you. Not very


Issues Faced by Teens/Young Adults

Drugs;- This can be real drugs to even prescription drugs in order to overcome an issue

that they are not able to deal with or control. Drugs can be introduced as a solution from

friends, relatives to family because they think they found help through them. Let it not be

an answer to your problems because I will let you know its distraction, if you can stop

please do, there is help and if I have not started using them please do not. You do not

want to get to a point where you can not think by yourself but with the help of Drugs.

Alcohol;- At eighteen you are able to find yourself or put yourself in position or places

where it would be available and with no control, with peer pressure you are definitely

going to drink and this can be a bad experience that you wont do it again or it could the

best experience of your life that you will want to do it again and again, when you can and

that can end you up in becoming an alcoholic maybe or in a very bad situation with this it

could be friends and people loosing their lives.

Bullying;- Here you can be the bully which could be okay to you but think if it was

happening to you that you were the one being bullied??? A question you should ask your

self? If you are being bullied this can be a sad thing to go through for you and your

family, it is how we come face to face with this issue. Hey I would say it’s a sad situation

and could lead to regret and death. I assure you no one wants to live a life of regret or as a

bully so lets be nice to one another!

Lack of a JOB;- This is a tough issue mostly if its hard to get a job since you just

graduated no experience and no vacancies, while as a young adult you have goals that

you would like to achieve maybe get a car, college, and maybe move out Yeah! But no

that will not happen without the Job.

Family Issues;- These can be from sibling rivalry, divorce or separation, or as a typical

eighteen year old you just do not want to follow the rules mmmm that is what we call a

normal family and all I have to say is that is going to be there in fact it was there before

you turned eighteen. Its just that you can now make sense of what is going on around you

very funny but very true.

Depression;- This is a serious medical illness, its not something that you have made up

in your head. What you need is not to ignore and think it will pass. There is help and

treatment, so please let us get you the help You need!

It happens to most eighteen year olds and you are not alone. So please don’t be!

Stress;- It’s a common thing that young adults go through but really I am going to say if

you are not paying Bills and you do not have a Family to take care of  stop stressing and

get constructive cause I will call that being Lazy….. did you see how I brushed it off to

being Lazy yes its because you are Young to be Stressed!

Pregnancy;- Yes this can be a big issue depending on your determination, it can be the

end of your dreams or it could be the motivation to fulfilling your dreams as tough

independent person with responsibility. So here am not going to encourage it but I will

encourage the positive look out of it.

Peer Pressure;- Yes this is our friends, close encounters and those that could influence

our thinking or judgment on making decisions on what to do. This may be doing

something right or wrong. So here we really have to think hard and ask ourselves how it

is positively or negatively going to affect your life. I can give you a scenario where your

friends tell you hey come lets hang out we are going to play in the park and or yes that is

fun and you go, however later there is an idea that let’s go break into that store a get the

cool stuff that is in there maybe to sell or even use. Here is where your judgment comes

in and you got to think hard on what you got to do!

Dating Issues;- Yes we all know by then you all have to have someone and it can be a

challenging issue because it can be one who is older or younger but its how you go about

it. It can be challenging to you and most of all to a parent who has to see their young son

or daughter is dating and with this feeling there are going to problems and friction.

Rejection;- This can be through applying for a job that you want but you are not offered

even though you keep on trying, making friends, or anything that you want to be part of

but its not happening as you want.

18 Is Just A #(Number)

What is it to be eighteen?

Exposure;-  As an eighteen year old you are exposed to things that you were not exposed

to at a younger age and with this it comes with consequences, for example you can go to

a doctor for treatment and if you have something to discuss you can decide if you want to

discuss with your parent around or no parent. This can be good or bad in the future, bad

where no one can help make a right choice for you. This can be when you have no ability

or right state of mind and the good is where someone else makes the right choice for you

 because they are aware of what you are going through and they care about you.

You are in High school or a drop out or Planning on going to college;-  Here your

friends and your own individual choices or decisions can determine if you will graduate

or not. So it’s the choices we make that can clear our big education dilemma since if you

do graduate whatever achievement you get no one or nobody can take away from you!

Working or having a Job;- By hearing this I guess you know what am saying. It means

 lets get out there and start looking for that job, as we all know with that job we are able

to get what we want, yes I mean that bottle of soda on your way back home from

school….. hey just saying since you might be thirsty.

It also helps to keep you busy and tired since you have a Job, as they say an Idle mind is

the Devils Workshop, so please don’t get your mind Idle.

Behaving or Misbehaving;- Yes you know what am saying, its where you are saying no

am not going to, you are not the boss of me and above all am eighteen you don’t have to

tell me what to do, I can come and go as I want……. But you have to understand all that

 is cool and easy to say. Just stop and Imagine if it is your own house, you pay your own

bills and one does not follow the rules.

The attitude can or would end you up in a place that you would not like or wish not to be.

Hey it does not kill to be nice!

Teenage Mom or have a Family or Not;-  Yes this might happen at eighteen, by

eighteen or you might have made it through without either one Well done because its not

easy and I will say it again its not easy! Will give my example I had some close

experience, of a close friend who went through starting a family at a young age and I will

tell you it was not good to a point that she could not handle what it required and she got

stressed out. Then tried to attempt double suicide sad enough the innocent one who lost

their life was the baby, who came to the world not knowing that it would be ending very

early and the Mom survived …….mmmm how can one live with that. I would think its

better waiting for the right time.

I will say I did after seeing all that was happening around me I then set myself a goal, I

love children but am going to wait till thirty, thinking its the right time and I wont lie

there were times that I wanted to have children early but I had a question at the back of

my mind “Can I do it and can I afford it?” A question I would advise you to have maybe?

Responsible;- As I would share since you are eighteen, are you responsible because right

here is when they say “ Adulthood means Responsibility” so please as a young adult here

is when you are going to hear:- drink responsibly, be responsible and many others since

you are responsible for what happens to you. So please make it your issue to make the

good happen to you not the bad.
"Life starts at the end of your Comfort Zone"
Neale Donald Walsh.

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