Tuesday, July 30, 2013

18 Is Just A #(Number)

What is it to be eighteen?

Exposure;-  As an eighteen year old you are exposed to things that you were not exposed

to at a younger age and with this it comes with consequences, for example you can go to

a doctor for treatment and if you have something to discuss you can decide if you want to

discuss with your parent around or no parent. This can be good or bad in the future, bad

where no one can help make a right choice for you. This can be when you have no ability

or right state of mind and the good is where someone else makes the right choice for you

 because they are aware of what you are going through and they care about you.

You are in High school or a drop out or Planning on going to college;-  Here your

friends and your own individual choices or decisions can determine if you will graduate

or not. So it’s the choices we make that can clear our big education dilemma since if you

do graduate whatever achievement you get no one or nobody can take away from you!

Working or having a Job;- By hearing this I guess you know what am saying. It means

 lets get out there and start looking for that job, as we all know with that job we are able

to get what we want, yes I mean that bottle of soda on your way back home from

school….. hey just saying since you might be thirsty.

It also helps to keep you busy and tired since you have a Job, as they say an Idle mind is

the Devils Workshop, so please don’t get your mind Idle.

Behaving or Misbehaving;- Yes you know what am saying, its where you are saying no

am not going to, you are not the boss of me and above all am eighteen you don’t have to

tell me what to do, I can come and go as I want……. But you have to understand all that

 is cool and easy to say. Just stop and Imagine if it is your own house, you pay your own

bills and one does not follow the rules.

The attitude can or would end you up in a place that you would not like or wish not to be.

Hey it does not kill to be nice!

Teenage Mom or have a Family or Not;-  Yes this might happen at eighteen, by

eighteen or you might have made it through without either one Well done because its not

easy and I will say it again its not easy! Will give my example I had some close

experience, of a close friend who went through starting a family at a young age and I will

tell you it was not good to a point that she could not handle what it required and she got

stressed out. Then tried to attempt double suicide sad enough the innocent one who lost

their life was the baby, who came to the world not knowing that it would be ending very

early and the Mom survived …….mmmm how can one live with that. I would think its

better waiting for the right time.

I will say I did after seeing all that was happening around me I then set myself a goal, I

love children but am going to wait till thirty, thinking its the right time and I wont lie

there were times that I wanted to have children early but I had a question at the back of

my mind “Can I do it and can I afford it?” A question I would advise you to have maybe?

Responsible;- As I would share since you are eighteen, are you responsible because right

here is when they say “ Adulthood means Responsibility” so please as a young adult here

is when you are going to hear:- drink responsibly, be responsible and many others since

you are responsible for what happens to you. So please make it your issue to make the

good happen to you not the bad.

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